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Small World

DJ Bobo ConcertINCREDIBLE!! We have really travelled the world in just 3 hours in Miniature-Wonderland: From Switzerland by train to Austria, climbing the Matterhorn and other mountains. We passed by a festival with DJ Bobo and joined a knights fest a couple of minutes later.

After breathing freely in the heights of the Alps, we made our way to the beautiful town of Knuffingen, a really nice place to be. Despite the one or other (beautifully illuminated) desaster happened, Knuffingen is mostly peaceful. You would certainly love to live there.

l-640-480-75b28ebb-780b-4280-ae42-0c38acb07470.jpegAs the Wonderland is in Hamburg, of course the landmarks of Hamburg are incorporated in a beautiful scenic setup. Just three steps away, the Wonderland teleports the visitor to a totally different environment. Road trains and scenic landscape with endless roads clearly indicate that the world traveler has arrived in the USA. From the gambling paradise Las Vegas to the Rocky Mountains and to dusty Mid-America (incuding Area 51), we made our way to the Art Deco district in Miami and the Keys.

After a nice short trip to the scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland) and their ports and landscapes, we came back to hamburg in just a minute.

The Miniature Wonderland is a great place to be and you should really visit it. I would recommend to have at least 3 hours left, to be able to have a look to the big territories in general and all the cute small sceneries in special. By the way: in addition to the already established scenes, a couple of others are already in the planning phase or already in the building process (airport). You can have a great overview over the current situation on the Wonderland’s website.

If you are interested, there is also a short (official) video:

At the moment, you can see:

But there is more in development:

So, recurring visits make truly sense.

Kaffeer�sterei HamburgSmall hint: the Speicherstadt Kafferösterei is just 10m away from the Miniature Wonderland. A great coffee and maybe a hand-made waffel is a good starting- or end-point of a “world trip”.