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NetBook arrived… Samsung NC10 UMTS (black)

Well, for a long time now I have followed the rapid development of the relatively new class of netbooks. From almost unusable cheap technical toys they have soon changed to cute little all-time companions. I have encountered the Atom CPU first with an Asus eeeBox, a really cute little SILENT desktop with decent power and so many possibilities.

However, a NetBook has until now not yet hit my desk, because after having discovered the benefits of UMTS/HSDPA mobile internet, I did not want to buy a notebook without integrated UMTS anymore. Finally, I got lucky, as the first incarnations of UMTS notebooks started to appear in autumn 2008. The LG X110 looked quite well and had UMTS, but was somehow “pinky” around the keyboard and the battery run time was baaad.

Then the Samsung NC10 crossed my way in the local Media Market…. Almost love at first sight! The NC10 is – at least for me – the best looking netbook at the market. Of course I have the color “for guys” (as a salesman described it): black. It is matte black on the inside, and on the bottom and has a glossy front with the typical Samsung sign.

The screen seems to be very bright and brilliant, fortunately MATTE (in contrast to most laptops nowadays). The keyboard is small, but big enough to write quite normally, without too many typos. The touchpad is much smaller than the one of the biggest competitor Asus eeePC 1000H, but nevertheless, the display hinge is much more elegant with the NC10 (the display is about 3 cm smaller in height than the 1000H, despite the same LCD size).

My decision-making points were by the way:

  • brilliant display
  • UMTS integrated
  • great keyboard which is NOT too small (as the ones of most 7-9″ Netbooks are)
  • 6 cell battery >> real 5-6 hours of run time (REALLY!!)
  • nice design ;-D

A picture is nice, some technical facts as well. But see it yourself in a video:

Samsung NC10 netbook review from

EDIT (20.01.2009): In the mean time, I have upgraded my little companion a little bit:

Now the baby is really the best Netbook (at least for me! ;-D)

EDIT (26.01.2009): A perfect TIP for all MS Office 2007 Users on Netbooks!!!:

To fade out the FAAAAT 2007 menu bar (fat especially on Netbooks!), just press Ctrl+F1 or double click on any of the menu bar titles (“Start”, “Insert”, etc.) to fade out the menu. You can reverse that the same way, or – if you need a button while hidden – just press a menu title ONCE and it will fade in until you have found your button…