About me

Some bits (and bytes) of information about me…

I am Dr. med. Alexander Leis (38), I live in Regensburg, Germany. However I really like to travel and have seen the Far East (Shanghai, China), as well as the Far West (Miami, USA) as well as the other side of the world (Sidney, Australia) and also some nice places in between.

I always tend to say, I am a medical doctor by profession and an IT guy by passion. Great when both comes conveniently together, as e.g. in eHealth. That is why I have workes as researcher in international eHealth. I managed research projects and was in close contact with the eHealth world. Truly a great job.

However, in 2009, I have taken a new challenge, as I am currently working at the University of Applied Sciences Regensburg in the Department of Engineering. I have established a new Bachelor studies in “Biomedical Engineering” which is running since May 2011.

Information and Communication Technology are not only my job, but also my hobby. That is why I am a true “collector of electronics”, with a lot of useful (and not so useful) geek stuff. In this blog I am going to also talk about my experiences and experiments with electronic toys.

apple.jpgBy the way, just to mention: since my MacBook in 2006, I am a true Apple Fan. I own a MacBook Pro, an iPad (3) an iPhone (4S) several and several Apple TVs. I really love the smart way Apple does high-tech. I admit that it can be difficult to make complicated stuff seem simple, but Apple does it over and over again…

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