WordPress 2.6 Major Update

For all WordPress Bloggers, the new major step towards 2.6 might be interesting. Here you even can see in a video, what exciting new features. WP 2.6 has. In my opinion, the revision feature (including comparison between revisions) is already a reason for updating. Also the live preview of themes is a nifty feature.

I have a huge number of plugins active. However, they all managed to work with the new version. I followed this guide and updated without problems. Pay attention: the wp-config.php content has changed. So make sure to adapt your old file to the new settings.

Do you think your WordPress is too slow? Did you ever want to write a post OFFLINE? Then you should have a look at the GREATEST feature of WP 2.6: support for Google Gears! With GG, you install a small web server on your local machine and web applications which are GG enabled, use this web server to store their content locally first. In the background and/or as soon as contact to the internet server is re-established, the updates are synced to the main website automatically. So you can work on your blog like with a local application. Ain’t that great?