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WordPress @ iPhone -> iPhone becoming a mobile Office!

Not enough that WordPress has become better with its 2.6 Update (I truly love the Gears function), now you can also post in your WordPress blog from your iPHONE!

Once connected, you can do true “Road Warrior” Posts, as you can also add photos from the camera (or the photo library). Although the keyboard works remarkably well, it is nevertheless not really suitable for longer posts, but hey – Blogging is a spontaneous thing!

The iPhone becomes a more and more complete mobile office: WordPress for iPhone, Twinkle for Twitter Updates, The “Telefonbuch” Website on the Home Screen (for ALL German phone numbers). Together with the fabulous 2.0 iPhone firmware, which brings complete Exchange support, the office in the pocket is already reality.

WordPress 2.6 Major Update

For all WordPress Bloggers, the new major step towards 2.6 might be interesting. Here you even can see in a video, what exciting new features. WP 2.6 has. In my opinion, the revision feature (including comparison between revisions) is already a reason for updating. Also the live preview of themes is a nifty feature.

I have a huge number of plugins active. However, they all managed to work with the new version. I followed this guide and updated without problems. Pay attention: the wp-config.php content has changed. So make sure to adapt your old file to the new settings.

Do you think your WordPress is too slow? Did you ever want to write a post OFFLINE? Then you should have a look at the GREATEST feature of WP 2.6: support for Google Gears! With GG, you install a small web server on your local machine and web applications which are GG enabled, use this web server to store their content locally first. In the background and/or as soon as contact to the internet server is re-established, the updates are synced to the main website automatically. So you can work on your blog like with a local application. Ain’t that great?