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Twitter as well…

Hm, I am of course aware of all the Web 2.0 stuff making the web so enjoyable nowadays. What I haven’t approached so far are portals like MySpace and so on. However, many people seem to use Twitter like hell, so I thought I could try it as well. Under you can follow my tweeds, I have also added a sidebar widget mirroring my tweeds.(EDIT: As Twitter is often at the limit of it’s capacity, I have removed the widget, as it slows down the site significantly) As I have Twinkle on my iPhone (not yet 3G), I am also able to post when I am outside/outsite. I don’t promise too frequent updates yet, but I will certainly give Twitter a chance…

Well, after several attempts on their website, it seems as if twitter would have a little problem with its success. The website is overloaded more than it functions. At least at the moment…

Gallery online

After several hours of investigation and code fighting, I have finally installed my TinyWebGallery with a great Shadowbox WordPress effect. For privacy reasons, access is password protected. If you would like to have access, just mail me to alexander.leis [at] .

New page online

Well, here it is, my new homepage in the form of a blog. I will post news and other (hopefully) interesting stuff in the future. So, hang on an keep posted.

In the meantime, you can find out facts “About Me“, see what I do in Sports and have a look on my other interests

Alexander Leis